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Who does not like to have a well-chiseled body, toned abs, bulky biceps? For many, it is only a dream and can happen only in movies but for people who regularly hit the gym, it is much closer to reality. When a person regularly hits the gym and takes a few protein supplements (amino acids) the results are evident.

If one is looking to build their muscle mass it is possible with amino acids. For example, a person consuming mass gainer with creatine and glutamine is bound to see good results. One may wonder what this creatine and glutamine are? Here is a simple introduction about these two.

When one is into body building his goal will be to build the muscle and reducing the weight by maintaining the lean body mass. The use of creatine and glutamine supplements comes here. While creatine is nutrition supplement that helps to increase the level of creatine in the body, glutamine is also a nutrition supplement that helps in supporting the growth of muscles.

The main function of the Creatine supplement is, it provides energy to the muscles when Adenosine triphosphate which is the original source of energy worn out, indirectly helping in providing energy and strengthening the muscle during a workout.

The glutamine that is produced in our body helps in various ways like improving the digestion, removing ammonia, improving the brain function and improvising our immune system. When our body and mind is under stress such as during a workout, our body fails to produce enough glutamine. When glutamine supplements are taken after a heavy workout, it helps to recover muscles.

So, creatine and glutamine supplements pair well for growing and recovering the muscles during a heavy workout. Consume proper dosage of the creatine and glutamine supplement and have a safe and energetic workout.


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