You go for a business trip or you are, as students, taken for a company visit to collect information about how they work, on what they work, what their major manufacturer is etc. and if you see all the employees with a wristband promoting some message then don’t get astonished for this is the culture today in the big business organizations and companies.

Yes, the basic qualities for a happy living of a person are lost these days in this mundane routine and people even forget to notice who sits next to them; such is the work pressures these days and it is high time for them to realize their poor state and get back to normalcy. But why should companies take initiative in making their employees do all this? What would they benefit from when this is done?

A satisfied employee is a happy employee; a happy employee is the one who will be able to give more to the company. So the basis for an employee to show improved productivity is in his happiness and this he will be able to do only when he understands how it to work in unison with the others is.

In today`s fast-moving world, people do not have time for any of these basic human feelings or characteristics. All they know about is running behind their daily official activities and finally making money. But for a healthy and happy living of a person, it is important that he follows the basic qualities like love for the other employee, understanding all his colleagues, taking time in listening to them, taking out time for his or her friends and many such similar characteristics. Now industries have understood how important these have become for the employees and hence they try to help them realize and understand this by providing custom silicone wristbands with a message.


Simply Maid

Starting a business service and wanting to get to the top can be an uphill task. Though it may seem tough, it is not entirely impossible. When starting business services like house cleaning service, it is best to take cues from the best in business that is Simply Maid.

Here are some pointers you can bear in mind while trying to become the best business services.

Trust is the first step: Clients allow an unknown person to enter and clean their house. Make sure your staff is insured and has signed a security bond. Make sure they carry an identity card with their photograph and details on them. It makes your staff, as well as the client, feel safe.

Quality above everything else: Whether this is quality of service or quality of products used, everything needs to be perfect. Make sure you train your staff personally for all kinds of cleaning jobs. They need to be prepared to see new and different types of homes. Also the quality of cleaning products and equipment used need to be good, else not only will the cleaning not be perfect, it also leaves a bad impression.

Charge according to your service: Keeping the prices too low makes your service appear cheap; keeping them too high will not attract new customers. Also keep fixed charges, whether you plan on charging per hour, per room or a flat rate. Make sure you have standard rates that are equal everywhere.

Give discounts in exchange for references: Initially in business, clients won’t come to you, you will have to go to them. Give friends and family discount and get them to refer your service to others.

The right promotions: You can have your professional details displayed on your car, send flyers in the neighborhood or have hangers and a website made. Get noticed and business will naturally flow towards you.

Pest Control

Have you ever thought that you can be free of your pests completely by shifting your tension of eradicating pests from your home or business premises through a company?

Yes, There are lakhs of companies in the market that purely work for pest control. These companies work based on the Pest control management standards and regulations, they all are registered with the national association board and hence completely safe and trusted organization.

Having said this, the question is how to choose the best Pest control for Small Business. Five steps that can be used to control Pest for a Small Business can be:

  • Keep pantry clean: Keep all your foodstuffs zipped and packed in your pantry. Drinks should be stored in cupboards or fridge. Sweetener like sugar, the cream should be properly sealed. Keep dustbins outside the pantry area.
  • Dishes that are dirty should be discarded at their places: avoid eating food at the desk, keep a policy of not eating food at the desk. If the eatables are not cleaned near the desk area, pests are encouraged to take their residence there.
  • Clean office space: A clean office space is all that everyone looks for when they start their job, encourage the staffs to clean their own desk, keep their stationary in place, wipe all the food and drink once finished. Make sure juice or water spilled is wiped out timely. The dustbins should be cleared every day, dustbins in the restroom should also be cleaned regularly. Keeping the office restroom neat, tidy and dry this will reduce pests to large extent.
  • Waste should be disposed of: All the waste should be disposed of, appointing a person to check on housekeeping will help the office look neat and clean. Plastic bags, paper, unused covers attract pests, hence daily disposable of unused items will save office stationery. Shredded things should be double packed and disposed of timely, recycling stores should also be kept tidy in small offices.
  • Keep kitchen appliances neat, by cleaning it regularly after use.

Pest control glasgow companies have a variety of tips for a small office to be pest free.Spend time on keeping thing neat and clean, this is only a way to keep pest controlled in small offices.

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