Businesses big and small can benefit from the use of technology for improving their marketing strategies. Digital marketing trends have made it possible for companies to build a strong rapport with the customers. There are plenty of ways in which businesses can directly interact with customers. There are several nonprofit event software tools available for those who are looking to conduct events. These can be used to initiate interaction with customers and also to showcase what the business is all about. There are plenty of such ways to use technology to improve customer relationships. It, in turn, helps the company grow. It is all about the efficient utilization of the resources. Here are a few trends for small business owners looking to strengthen customer relationship and to transform their business –

  1. Use automation

Automation is of extensive use in many places depending on the type of business and its operation. For example, there are plenty of retailers who use virtual shopping assistants and robots to help those shopping in their stores.

  1. Chatbots

Chatbots can be integrated with the standard messaging apps that people use daily. They ensure that no customer query goes unanswered. They also address cart abandonment and increase the sales pitch.

  1. Utilize the data you collect

Collecting data is something that every business does. However, the use of smart data analytics is critical. Efficient utilization of the data can help provide a personalized experience for the customers.

  1. Use social media to talk to your customers

Social media also enhances customer engagement. These channels obtain immediate feedback for new products. They also build trust in the business.

  1. Accept multiple payment modes

Digital technologies like cryptocurrencies and other digital payment methods make it easy for businesses and customers. They also make it easy to tackle international payments.


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