A guide to choosing radar detectors / cheap detectors

Radar detectors can be a boon for motorists in particular to avoid speeding tickets. The advanced radar detectors in today’s market can give timely alerts about radar guns from a fairly long distance. But with so many such devices available, it might be confusing to come to a conclusion as to which one would best suit your requirements. Here is a brief guide to understanding some of the popular radar detectors and what makes them great to help you buy the best radar detectors/cheap detectors.

You must have heard the name of Escort Max 360 Radar Detector J in several top charts. This popular radar detector comes packed with a lot of features. Having an in built Bluetooth module and a GPS module has become a valuable addition these days. The Escort Max 360 also comes with both Bluetooth and GPS. The digital signal processor in the device provides accurate detection and quick response times. It comes with dual antenna for the front and back and thus quickly detects radar from all directions. The device comes with super-clear voice alerts. The Auto-learn technology incorporated in Escort Max 360 quickly learns and remembers the pattern of false alarms and avoids similar recurrence in the same area. There is also a multi-color OLED display for better viewing angles. There are more such advanced features that make this device one of the most popular radar detectors.

A good radar detector is a long term investment and it can save you from a lot of instances of speeding tickets. So research well before you buy one. Check out the list of the best cheap radar detector for 2016 and 2017. Escort Max 2 has been one of the highest value for money deals for a radar detector that comes with a lot of features. Escort Redline is also sure to be on the list if you compare the best ones in the lower price segment. If a radar detector has sophisticated detection modes that can detect POP radar it can be an added advantage.

When we talk about the best radar detectors how would the list not have Escort Passport 8500!!! This is one that has impressively cleared several detector tests and has received positive reviews from critics. The sensitivity of the detector is great in all 3 radar bands. There are a lot of customization options available. The laser sensors of the device are the best in class. Ultra-bright display that makes the viewing easy in broad daylight, an auto-mute option, brightness control and a lot of other quirky features make this detector a favourite among many motorists.

Escort Redline is one of the cheapest radar detectors. Read a FULL Escort – redline review to understand why it might make a great choice. Like most of the top Escort models, this one comes with a dual antenna for better reception and range. The Escort Live app which is the proprietary app to sync the device with your smartphone makes your work even easier.