Beauty and SPA

We now find numerous spa clinics scattered in every corner. We talk about the many benefits that spa services offer. But do you know how it all began? Here is a quick brief about the history of Spas.

Spa industry has been in existence for ages. But we did not hear much about them in the past. There were a select few that opted for spa services. Taking bath in hot springs and its therapeutic benefits have been known to mankind since time immemorial. In Belgium there was a town that went by the name “Spa”. The town was said to have a spring whose water was considered to have curative properties. There are other theories that state that Spa is a word that means fountain.

The concept of baths and spas or the use of hot water for relaxing originated in the Greek and Roman times. Spas then took a whole new meaning. In fact the concept of bathing itself has been perceived in different angles in different regions at different times. Some considered spas as a luxury that was set aside only for a select class of people.

When we look at the remains of the ancient Greek and Roman cities we observe places that are believed to be ancient day spas. These were places were warriors relaxed after battles by subjecting their body to hot water baths. There are also zones in the royal palaces where the rulers and their families are believed to have used hot water baths.

Slowly in the 19th and 20th century we saw the spa industry branch out and take an all new perception. People started considering spas as modes of treatments. Then we saw these considered as ways to pamper oneself and offer oneself the luxury of being treated. Then came the boom where people understood the relaxing power and the health benefits of spas and this was when the industry started burgeoning.

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