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There is no doubt about the fact that drug testing is more of an investment rather than a cost. Employers and business owners might worry about paying a huge amount of money for drug tests but in reality, drug tests hardly cost more than it would cost you if there is a significant reduction in work output. Let us find out how much company actually pay and how spending that amount is better than having reduced productivity.

Rough estimate

Surveys show that for each drug testing it generally costs a company anything between $28 – $42. The one thing that makes a difference to the cost of testing is the volume of tests. A business that conducts close to 5000-10,000 tests every year faces a significant reduction in the cost of testing. Including the cost of collection of specimen, transportation costs etc, the average cost of testing would be around $38 per test.

Random testing

The fear of random tests being conducted creates an environment at a workplace where employees are rather apprehensive of using drugs. However, random tests can be conducted to ensure that there is absolutely no chance of any drug-takers. Blood tests are expensive but these are generally conducted in extreme cases. The commoner tests are urine samples and hair specimen.

Both these tests are less expensive and have high accuracy rates. So if you are the employer and are fearing testing costs, rest assured that it is an investment in place of attrition and new recruitments.

Cost/benefit analysis

If you do not have a drug testing policy because it incurs a cost, you must remember that in case your employees do take drugs and you are bound to sack them then hiring new employees and training them will incur a huge cost. Instead, promote a drug-free environment at work and suggest detox pills to your employees after reading quality detox pills reviews on this site.

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