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Business is a dream and in today’s life it strictly sticks to the policy “less expense and more business”. Companies have initiated a smart formula to cut costs and build a secure working environment to safeguard its morale. A drug test is the best practice among them.

What is a drug?

A drug can be an organic or synthetic matter which when consumed above normal dosage by a living being can create a temporary psychological illusion. This category includes legal drug like liquor, tobacco, and caffeine. It also includes illegal drugs like cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and cannabis. Both legal and illegal drugs are prohibited during working hours of a professional.

Another class includes pharmaceutical drugs which are taken by individuals for medical purpose and includes painkiller capsules, disease treatment pills or even a detox pill that also helps you loose weight. These drugs are permitted for use during any time of a professional’s life.

What do you mean by drug testing?

Drug testing is a practice conducted during employment process to examine people who are dozed off with alcohol or other illicit drugs. This procedure can determine employees who are unfit for duty and can also discourage such abused individuals from joining your budding venture.

The different type of drug testing conducted by a business firm:

  • Sampling of urine
  • Blowing into an alcoholic meter
  • Testing the blood specimen and saliva
  • Examining the hair follicle

Drug tests are mainly conducted during

  • Pre-employment testing
  • Periodic testing
  • Random testing
  • Reasonable suspicion testing
  • Post-incident testing
  • Post-treatment testing

A procedure of drug testing in an industry includes:

  • Collection of samples from folks for inspecting
  • Conducting the initial tests for the presence of illegal drug dose
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