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Every activity, every process, every machinery needs to be repaired to be conserved in the most similar form to the original condition by removing the effects of wear and tear. This is called maintenance and is carried out in all sections of a business for the successful extension of the capitalizable life of its assets. In the engineering context, maintenance restores the operational form of any machine, device or system and extends its working life. The activity of repairing and restoring machinery and processes in manufacturing and industrial businesses is called Industrial Maintenance Technology.

What requires maintenance

Any asset may require restoration, whether it continues to be owned by the business unit or whether it is to be sold to a customer. It is a part of a firm’s working schedule operating in any sector, be it the infrastructure, real estate, electronics, engineering, transportation, healthcare or even accounting.

The maintenance of any activity (industrial process) or material (working unit or product) necessarily includes the following actions:

Types of maintenance

Business units and industries employ different types of maintenance:

  • When a functioning unit breaks down or malfunctions, corrective maintenance is carried out to repair or replace it. This usually slows down the production and may hamper business profit.
  • A better alternative is a periodic inspection of the activities and facilities for their efficiency, physical condition and working and necessary preventive repair of wear and tear. This is called scheduled or preventive maintenance.
  • The recent advancement in the field of engineering is predictive maintenance which is online monitoring of the working systems for any possible loss of efficiency or need of repair in future using electromechanical devices or remote monitoring. This method is beneficial to businesses as it hardly effects their production cycle, budget, and profit.

So, always plan and design your business by making maintenance a part of your work schedule to ensure a smooth conduction of its activity.


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