Choosing theVocal Microphones

The best audio reproduced or recorded depends upon the type of microphone being used. Microphones are critical gadgets that are necessary for either live shows or by studios. While dynamic microphones are the best option for live performance, for studio environments, condenser microphones suit better.

How to choose a vocal microphone?

* The first aspect is the budget. Say, for example, if you are a newbie and you can’t afford a costlier microphone for setting up a home studio, then there is a need for planning. There are many affordable microphones in the market that give a near-professional sound quality.

o For Live shows, you can prefer the Sennheiser e835. You should hear the true Sennheiser e835 music quality! It is a budget mic but with great performance with a distinct wide cardioid pattern. As it is very easy to handle, it is best suited for presenters and in churches. The voice produced by this microphone is clean and unobstructive. This model is one of the popular models of the company and is best suited for speech and baritone singers.

o The top of the line: Sennheiser e935 is a powerful mic but quite inexpensive. The sound is balanced and the clarity is similar to that of condenser mics. As it is a suitable mic for all voices, male, female or children, it can be used in a party, club or karaoke.It is a perfect mic for stages.

* Condenser Microphones are great for recording vocals rather than in Live performances because their sensitivity is high and frequency is wide. But they are a bit on the expensive side.

o The Oktava mk-319 made in Russia EE is a condenser microphone intended for studio and broadcast usage. In under the $200 price range, this microphone is a good choice for warmest sound recording.

* Connectivity also plays an important role in choosing the microphones. While we have the traditional XLR connectivity, the USB connectivity is also becoming popular. But the XLR to Audio interface is preferable for a better quality.

* For recording vocals, cardioid with large diaphragm Pickup Patterns are preferred over others.

* While buying microphones, it is important to buy some essential accessories. This might include a mic stand, pop filter, cables, Audio interface, etc. So, if you are buying any of them, you need to review these products too, before buying them.

Are you into podcasting and looking for the best mics for podcasting LIVE? Here are few mics that have a good name in the industry.

* Heil PR40: For advanced podcasters, this mic is the best dynamic mic ever seen. The quality of the podcast multiples with the use of this mic.

* Yeti USB: This microphone is a top seller in many sites. It is ready to use out of the box due to its bidirectional and omni directional nature. Many of its features makes it the most preferred mic by podcasters.

Take care while buying microphones. While there are lots of good microphones available at nominal rates, don’t get fooled by the cheap ones. What you pay is what you get!