DSLR Cameras – the best that your money can buy for you


Memories can be fleeting and before you know it, they have left you. How would you love to preserve your memories? Perhaps capture that smile forever when your toddler went up on the stage for the first time. Preserving the moment on your sonny’s first football match when he walked to the field with nervous arms holding the football? Memories can be preserved by taking pictures and then safe keeping for you to browse days or months later and once again relive those moments!

Why should you opt for a DSLR camera?

These are the three main points why we would strongly recommend that you opt for a one. The best DSLRs has the following unbeatable features:

a. The equipment has manual controls which makes it very easy for even an entry level photographer to start clicking without actually learning the nitty gritties of photography.

b. Excellent quality of images: Crisp and colorful sharp images warrant the best and the latest in technology. Because companies like Canon and Nikon use cutting edge technology and extensive research and development, they are constantly evolving techniques to be able to produce the best still and video photographs and also improve the quality of the images.

c. Interchangeable lenses: by far the biggest advantage of using them is that the lenses can be changed according to the environment and the subject matter of the shoot. Otherwise in a point and shoot camera where you cannot change the lenses, it becomes a costly affair to keep upgrading your equipment in order to use a lens of different mega pixel. Therefore, it is more versatile and extremely pocket-friendly.

Canon EOS 70D DSLR Camera review

This was the natural successor to the EOS 60D that was the undisputed leader of its time way back in 2008. This particular model is a combination of all the best features of its predecessor models for instance, it has borrowed the articulated sensor from EOS 7D, canon eos 70d digital slr camera superb touch screen articulation from EOS 700 D which is also called as Rebel T5i and the best one is from EOS 6D which lends it in built Wi-Fi.

The equipment has controls on the exterior that makes it easy to operate even for the entry level professional. There is AF micro adjustment mode which makes a comeback with this launch and was virtually lost in the previous models.

Do you want to get the latest Canon T5i review?

This model has been christened as the EOS 700D is a successor of Canon T4i which was in the Market for a very short period of ten months only before being phased out completely and this model launched. Experts believe that there is not much difference between the two models and the tests also reveal identical results in terms of picture quality. Even the hardware and the accessories are very similar for both in fact they use the same accessories like the batteries.

This model uses 18 MP hybrid sensors and has continuous automatic auto focus which varies as per the changes warranted by the change in subject matter of the shoot. The screen is 3.2 inches wide and is a good window to see the images that are being produced.

Canon DSLR reviews:

While its close competitor is someone to look out for, it can be still safely said that Canon is spearheading the revolution. The cameras produced by the company are far more popular than Nikon. The main reason that people attribute the popularity is that the company uses cutting edge technology to come out with successive models consecutively and in lesser time than its competitors. The accessories also is pocket friendly and they are made to last. Therefore, if we are talking about delivering value for the money charges, then Canon wins the race hands down.