Shopping For A Birthday Present Can Be Daunting Sometimes


Never shopped for men:

I must confess that I have never gone out shopping for men’s accessories ever and when I had to buy a friend a gift on his birthday I was totally caught unaware. I was at a loss of words and even wondered where I should actually shop for it.

I looked up online stores:

A friend of mine suggested that I look up online stores to get an idea of what I can get and also because I would be able to have a budget in my mind and not exceed it by any means.

I also found out that online prices were more reasonable than the ones at their flagship stores. This initiallyset me thinking about the business of physical stores being hijacked by the online stores. But eventually, I understood that some of the online stores that were there were actually company owned and the prices up there were lesser because the overheads of a physical store were missing and it was cheaper to run an online store except for a mandatory upkeep charges for the website.

So, nobody was harmed and in turn the customer always stood to gain because the prices were reasonable.

I liked a wallet:

Lv wallets for birthday present seemed like the right thing to pick up for my friend. I was getting a 29 percent discount on the MRP price and free shipping along with gift packaging. And hold your breath, a free gift card worth 200 for a rebate on my next purchase. Boy! Was I happy?

I have been frequenting lv online often and find the range just too perfect for my taste and not to forget my purse as well. It is fashion sense with a conscience.

I have been vehemently recommending them to all and sundry. Log on now to be blown away by their mind blowing collection this season!

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